Tape, Kinesio, Tex Classic, 5cm x 4m, Beige

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Kinesio Tex Classic, the tape that launched an industry!

The origional wave design that defined standards for elastic therapeutic taping worldwide. From medical professionals, elite athletes, weekend warriors, soccer moms to everyone (that breaths or moves) Kinesio Tex Classic provides a high quality tape that delivers consistent and dependable results.

Features & Benefits:
- High Grade Cotton for Breathability and Comfort
- Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
- Water Resistant
- Perfect for High Level Stimulation to Target Deep Muscles, Ligaments and Joint Correction
- Available to Medical Professionals and Patients
- Provides Support and Stability
- Easy Applications Available
- For Optimal Results Apply between 0 and 100% Tension
- Recommended for the I and Y Strips Taping Applications