Alhydran, 30ml Tube

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ALHYDRAN makes the skin soft again and helps it heal faster and better.

ALHYDRAN is a medical scar cream that is widely used in burns centres and hospitals.

ALHYDRAN hels repair the skin.
- Less itch
- Less pain
- Few Scars

Medical after-care for skin problems caused by:

- Scar
ALYHDRAN repairs and improves scar tissues on both old and new scars.

- Burn wound
ALHYDRAN repairs newly-closed skin and makes it more supple. Reduces itching and redness.

- Radiation
ALHYDRAN relives and speeds up the repair of skin problems (redness, dryness and itching) during and after radiotherapy.

- Dry Skin
ALHYDRAN cares for red and drys skin.

- Laser Treatment
ALHYDRAN cares for skin that is red and delicate following laser treatment.

- Sun Damage (actinic keratosis)

And can be used for many more skin problems.