What our customers are saying...

Australian Medical Supplies prides itself on customer service, however don't take our word for it, hear what customers of ours have to say ...
Jackie 19th October 2018    I love using The OptiComfort Crutches, they are very comfortable, easy, and lightweight.
                                                  The padding on the hand grips and the higher forearm guard decreases the pressure and pain in my hands.
                                                  My thumb joints especially were causing some problems and this has been alleviated since I’ve been using these                                                           crutches. I also feel much more stable going across wet or slippery ground. Knowing there is less chance of “slipping                                                     out” of them, due to the shoelace also ease my mind and decreases the anxiety of falling. While I would like to be off                                                     crutches altogether, I wished I had these earlier.
Vaughan 9th Oct 2018      Fantastic products backed by a lifetime guarantee and second to none customer service. Highly recommended.
Lucas 13th Sep 2017             I've received the postage, and I can't thank you enough for the amount of work and support you had put in to deliver                                                       the stethoscope. You are doing a great work and I hope you'll continue to help your clients in the future.
Hannah 1st Nov 2017           Thanks for your prompt and wonderful service. The chair looks(and sounds!) great!!
CT Podiatrist 1st Nov 2017  Thank you very much for helping me get my chairs working again. Your efficient and friendly response is very much                                                       appreciated.