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Anna S January 2021

I have post melanoma surgical scars(grafts) in the corner of my left eye socket , on part of my eyelid and nose .

Difficult areas to apply equal pressure to, which I do to minimise the raising of the scar .

Initially I used Cica -Care which appeared to be effective, however it never adhered nor followed the entire scar .

The OT provided me with Scarban Elastic and Scarban Light and the contact of the Scarban with the scars was much directer , consistent and longer lasting .

Each time I use the Scarban I am surprised to see the amount of flattening of the scar .

I prefer the Scarban Elastic it has a greater flattening effect then the Scarban Light and it also adheres better to the scar in the difficult areas .

Scarban Light also curles up after i remove it making it harder to handle . I will continue for the next 1 1/2 -2 months with the Scarban Elastic until the tissue settles .


Alison December 2020

Excellent, Initially was dismayed about the high postage fee .
However had phone call following my email & excellent customer service.

Very good equipment with fast delivery.

Victorious Health and Fitness 20th April 2020

I am a fitness professional and have used various brands of equipment throughout my time training clients.

What I really like about Sanctband products is the great quality and versatility of their products.

They have such a wide range of equipment for all areas of training and rehabilitation (for all fitness levels) and I would highly recommend adding their products to your workout routine!


Murray, Reps Movement Feb 2020

As an owner and Principal Exercise Physiologist with a team of Exercise Physiologists at two centres, I need quality equipment that I can trust.

The staff at Australian Medical Supplies have been a pleasure to deal with and they offer high quality and long lasting equipment that I can supply and use in our clinics.


Michael Wood
Lead Sports Physiotherapist Hockey Australia & Director MTM Physiotherapy Subiaco Jan 2020

“I have been using Sanctband as my preferred exercise band for several years now.

It is a product with superior quality than any other and the resilience of the product gives me confidence in providing and recommending the product to my Physiotherapy & exercise patients.”


Jackie 19th October 2018

 I love using The OptiComfort Crutches, they are very comfortable, easy, and light weight.

The padding on the hand grips and the higher forearm guard decreases the pressure and pain in my hands.

My thumb joints especially were causing some problems and this has been alleviated since I’ve been using these crutches.

I also feel much more stable going across wet or slippery ground.

Knowing there is less chance of “slipping out” of them, due to the shoelace also ease my mind and decreases the anxiety of falling.

While I would like to be off crutches altogether, I wished I had these earlier.


Vaughan 9th Oct 2018

Fantastic products backed by a lifetime guarantee and second to none customer service.

Highly recommended.


Lucas 13th Sep 2017
I've received the postage, and I can't thank you enough for the amount of work and support you had put in to deliver the stethoscope.
You are doing a great work and I hope you'll continue to help your clients in the future.
Hannah 1st Nov 2017

Thanks for your prompt and wonderful service.

The chair looks(and sounds!) great!!


CT Podiatrist 1st Nov 2017

Thank you very much for helping me get my chairs working again.

Your efficient and friendly response is very much appreciated.


 Simone V 13th October 2021 At the beginning of this year one of my family members had to have major open heart surgery, he was very unwell and in hospital for months recovering.
The Heart surgery team at SCGH (doctors and nurses) did a fantastic job treating him and he has had an excellent recovery. The only issue they did not address was the massive scar that he developed post-surgery.
A couple of months after his surgery, he started to develop a very thick, keloid scar, that ran right down the centre of his chest and was nearly 30cms long. This scar became increasingly raised and tight, very red, painful and very itchy, keeping him awake at night and causing him to constantly scratch at his chest.
He tried a number of creams etc but did not have any success until he started using Alhydran.
He started massaging his scar regularly with Alhydran. It has stopped the constant itch and hugely reduced the redness and pain of the scar. It really has made a massive difference to the look and feel of his scar.
I would highly recommend Alhydran for any open Heart surgery patients that are experiencing painful, itchy scars.
Many thanks