Sanctband transforms your experience seamlessly from Physiotherapy, Fitness to Sports Enhancement.

A trusted brand since 2008, Sanctband prioritize on quality and optimization of users’ performance.

Our Exercise Band known for Powder Free and Reduced Protein provide great user experience and comfort.

 Sanctband Active Logo


Sanctband Active is renowned for its pioneering work in producing low-protein, powder-free latex resistive bands and tubing, catering to medical rehabilitation, fitness, and strength training needs.

They are committed to reducing latex allergies, ensuring user comfort and product durability, all while maintaining eco-friendly practices.


Compresfloss Logo


Comprefloss flossband is an essential performance and conditioning tool.

The flossband is used for muscle or tissue flossing – a compression therapy technique with passive or active mobilization.


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Kinesio is THE Original global brand since 1979. P

roviding the highest quality education and products, Kinesio are continually refined and innovated based on clinical research and advancements in science and technology. Through product development, education, research and certification, Kinesio seeks to ensure that patients and users can be confident they are receiving the highest standard of Kinesio Tape.




ALHYDRAN is a medical hydrating cream.

It ensures optimal, long-lasting hydration and prevents moisture loss.

Ideal for treatment of disrupted skin barrier, after care of burn wounds, treatment and prevention of scars, treatment of dry skin, reduction of redness and itching for many skin conditions.


Bapscarcare Logo


BAPSCARCARE products provide medical grade silicone therapy for the prevention and treatment of scars. 

Silicone patches and silicone gel are the most commonly used scar treatment by professionals.


Scarban Logo


Scarban medical silicone dressings and silicone gel prevent and reduce scars.

The use of medical silicon in scar prevention therapy is scientifically supported.

Which is why professionals prefer to use silicone dressings for scar treatment.


 Wound Spray Logo


Wound is an innovative, 100% natural wound spray for daily use.

The spray is suitable for acute and chronic wounds, the wound edge and the periwound.

Wound spray is a patented technology.

MDF Instruments Logo


MDF® Instruments has been crafting stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and reflex hammers since 1971.

With a passion and commitment to quality and innovation, MDF Instruments are recognised as a leading brand.



 North Coast Medical  

For over 45 years, North Coast Medical has led the global occupational, physical and hand rehabilitation market with integrity and innovation.

They offer solutions that exceed mere product offerings, focusing on value beyond price.

With proprietary brands and distributed products, they maintain a steadfast commitment to quality, ensuring reliability and compliance with international standards.



From the humble beginnings in Auckland New Zealand d3 has created their vision to fulfil consumer needs for a quality and affordable range of sports tapes.

Their range improves athletic performance and supports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

 Mun Lgo  

Mun’s premium healthcare brands, GloveOn and PrimeOn, enable better care, improved wellbeing, and enhanced living for everyone across the globe.

Focused on delivering high quality caregiving, Mun’s vision is to provide pioneering products and services that support its customers to new levels across all markets.