Sanctband Spidercord


Published on Feb 24, 2016

Sanctband Active Series Spidercord, features a unique 4 loop design with handles. This creates resistance from 8 lengths of tubing. The 4 loops naturally allow for easy anchoring between both hands and feet, making it especially ideal for compound movements involving both upper and lower body.

An upright row to strengthen the biceps and shoulders is given the added challenge of balancing while abducting 1 leg to work the lateral stabilizers of the hip.

A static bicep curl is teamed with 2 lower body movements, the side squat and the back lunge, for added complexity.

The Spidercord can also be used for floor based exercise. Here is a V - sit to strengthen the abdominals, while working the rear shoulder muscles to stabilize and resist the increased tension created by the legs as they extend.

Performing this upright row with both legs hovering, is a very challenging core conditioning exercise that works the shoulders and biceps at the same time.

The Spidercord can also be anchored from the middle as we can see here with this seated row. Performed by holding 2 handles and stepping through the middle with 1 foot.

Holding 2 handles in each hand, quadruples the amount of resistance. This seated chest press is extremely challenging. The same exercise can be modified and scaled down by just holding 1 handle in each hand instead of 2.