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Published on Nov 13, 2015

This is it! Flossband by Sanctband is finally here.

Flossband by Sanctband! An essential performance enhancement tool that is widely used to increase joint mobility, training recovery, rehab and stretch. Developed in collaboration with world renowned Sports - Physio - Therapist, Sven Kruse, Flossband by Sanctband offers 4 different band strengths. With this system of variables resistance levels:
- Specific application values can be adapted to the indication
- Different tissue layers and fascial structures can be reached
- Systematic treatment by application progression
- Various tolerance limits of individual can be considered


Safety Notes:
•This flossband is not a toy, keep out of reach of children.
• Use this flossband only if trained in the proper techniques, or under the guidance of a medical or therapeutic expert.
• This flossband is made of natural rubber. Do not use if allergic to latex.
• Inspect flossband before every flossing session, check for nicks, fissures or damage. Use only if in good condition.
• These safety guidelines are not flossing instructions and do not replace appropriate training or education.

Do not use flossbands in case of skin diseases, varicosis, phlebitis, cancer,diabetes, lymphedema or if taking blood thinner.