Elastic Resistance Approach with Different Concepts
Workshop by:

Dr. Dagmar Pavlů, CSc.

Dr. Dagmar Pavlů is an Associate Professor at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and is the Head of Department of Physiotherapy of FTVS. She earned a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy and later in 1995, received a Doctor’s Degree, PhD (Csc.) in Pedagogy.

In 2005, she earned the degree of an Associate Professor in Exercise Physiology. Dr. Pavlů was the President of the Professional Organization of Physiotherapists in the Czech Republic (until 2014), she is a member of Accreditation Board by Ministry of Health and also a member of EC of Association of Rehabilitation and Physcial Medicine in Czech Republic. Between 2004 - 2008, she was the Vice Chairman of ER WCPT (European Region of World Confederation for Physical Therapy). She is very active in research. Her current research interests include analysis of the effect of physiotherapeutical methods. She has published over 150 publications to date.

25th February 2019 Perth                        27th February 2019 Melbourne

Notre Dame University                                                 Australian Physiotherapy Association

School of Health Sciences                                          Level 1, 1175 Toorak Road, Camberwell

ND46/209 Lecture Theatre                                          Melbourne 3124

33 Phillimore St Fremantle

Please arrive at 5:45pm for a 6pm start                    Please arrive at 5:45pm for a 6pm start

Finishes 9:30pm                                                            Finishes 9:30pm


28th February 2019 Sydney                     2nd March 2019 Queensland

Kirribilli Club                                                                    Carina Leagues Club

11 Harbourview Crescent, Lavender Bay                   1390 Creek Road, Carina

Sydney 2060                                                                    Brisbane 4152

Please arrive at 5:45pm for a 6pm start                     Please arrive at 8:15am for a 8:30am start

Finishes 9:30pm                                                             Finishes 12:30pm


Cost: $35 per person
Each participant will be given product to the value of $50

This workshop will be hands on and will outline:

  • Posture and movement patterns – Global movements and interplay between body segments; importance of "good posture" and "poor posture" for dysfunction in locomotor system
  • Management of musculoskeletal pain/problems with main respect to application of elastic resistance exercises – demonstration, discussion and training (with emphasis of functional approach) by different symptoms in all body areas.
  • Application of elastic resistance in combination with other procedures and/or device (sensory-motor training, therapeutical walking, manual-methods ect).

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